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As a Catholic and former Democrat, I applaud, praise, admire and thank Bishop Henry Mansell for declining to attend the Clinton adoration extravaganza staged by Democrats in the Marine Midland Arena.

I am also grateful that no child from a Catholic school was exposed to this political charade.

What infuriates me even more than the Bill-and-Hillary worshiping is that, according to The Buffalo News, a large part of this love-fest will be paid for by the taxpayer because the White House billed it as a governmental affair.

In responding to Bishop Mansell's choice not to attend this thinly veiled political rally, Steve Pigeon, chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party, remarked that the bishop is a hard-liner and is out of touch with a lot of his parishioners. How does he know this? Did he take a poll? Or is it because the bishop didn't come to his party that Pigeon felt compelled to say something negative about him?

I travel in numerous Catholic circles and I have yet to hear a word of dissent about our very dedicated and principled bishop.

Florence Styka Kenmore

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