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It is with a deep sense of sadness that we witness the further erosion of our cultural values as The News sides with the likes of Larry Flynt. For a recent editorial to refer to him as a publisher is an insult to an honorable industry.

I fear less the abuse of power and authority by this president than I do of what is perceived to be a "cult mentality" that has evolved among some of his most ardent defenders.

If we can believe the accuracy of the polls that appear to support President Clinton in the face of his contemptible criminal behavior, then we must fear for the preservation of the way of life that so many past generations have fought to preserve.

The News denounces Flynt as a sleazy messenger of filth, which mainstream media would not peddle, but welcomes his message because of the public's right to know.

How does The News reconcile the acceptance of Flynt's message after condemning Linda Tripp for recording her conversations with Monica Lewinsky? These conversations, regardless of how they were obtained, were certainly "important for the public to know." Is this not applying a double standard to the rule that the end justifies the means?

As a not-too-proud Democrat, I pay honor to Rep. Jack Quinn who, in the face of what the polls appear to show is an unpopular position, had the courage to put the country and the Constitution above all else.

Harry E. Lorenzo Williamsville

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