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It's taken a year, but the Village of Orchard Park is ready to discuss a new zoning code Feb. 8.

If it passes then, the year-old moratorium on commercial development will be lifted.

If not, the Village Board could impose another six-month moratorium on commercial construction.

The biggest change in the new code is a ban on "trademark/prototypical buildings."

If a building style "identifies the owner or occupant," it is prohibited.

That's not to say Mickey D or Wendy have been barred from the village -- just that they'll have to live in buildings that mirror those already there.

Other language updates reflect today's land uses and commerce. Awnings, for example, are no longer required to be fabric only, and "parking" has been added to automotive uses.

The code attempts to retain the village's flavor, especially in areas that are to be rezoned from B1 to B-2, Mayor Patricia Dickman said.

"B-2 zones allow the same commercial uses as they did when they were B-1, but stores and offices must retain a 'residential look,' " according to Village Clerk Carol Stressinger.

"To make it easier we've broken the code into five sections, the mayor said.

"That's so people can look at the part of the village where they are, and comment on that. It could save time, and makes the code a little easier to understand.'

The aim is simple enough: the village will allow commerce on Quaker Road, running east and west, and Buffalo Road running North And south -- essentially the "four corners" core.

Local Law 1 details language changes and outlines setbacks, lot coverage, building height, and notes such things as "flat roofs without decorative cornices are prohibited."

Local Law 2 amends the zoning map from 6390 W. Quaker St. to 6444 W. Quaker, changing the stretch from North Lincoln to Linwood to R4 from B2.

Local Law 3 rezones both sides of South Buffalo, from School Street to the municipal center, to B2 from B1.

Local Law 4 rezones one property, a home at 6596 E. Quaker St. to R1 from B1.

Local Law 5 rezones both sides of East Quaker from the Fleet Bank to St. Mark's Episcopal Church, to B2 from B1.

Local Law 6 would extend the moratorium for six more months, if the zoning code changes do not pass next month.

Maps and codes are available in the village clerk's office and may be viewed before the hearing scheduled for 8 p.m. Feb. 8.

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