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Davy Jones is as much into horses as Monkees these days.

"I ride all the time, of course," says the 5-foot-4-inch singer, who made his mark in the '60s group the Monkees. "But today, I'm more interested in developing horses and sharing that sort of thing with others."

Now 53, Jones said he once wanted to be a jockey.

Jones performs about 200 dates a year. He's scheduled to appear with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits and '60s heartthrob Bobby Sherman on the Teen Idols Tour this summer.

"I'm my own man when I tour," he says. "I sing some Monkees songs. I sing some originals."

Manson and Love head to town

Satanic rocker Marilyn Manson will team with Courtney Love to invade Buffalo. A tentative date of April 11 has been set for the concert, but no ticket information has been released and the venue has not been confirmed.

A spokesman for Manson confirmed he is coming to Buffalo with Love and her band, Hole, on the "Man-Hole" tour. Love is the widow of Kurt Cobain, former lead singer of Nirvana.

Protesters tried unsuccessfully last year to prevent a recent Manson performance in Syracuse, but Manson has played Buffalo many times in past years without incident. There was more trouble for Manson earlier this year when an editor for Spin magazine claimed Manson told the rocker's bodyguards to assault the editor.

-- Anthony Violanti

Fast food high jinks

Actor Paul Newman, who found another kind of success in commercial sauces and dressings, remembers in England's FHM magazine the weirdest complaint he has ever received: "We got a letter from a young lady who was having an affair with a married man. Apparently they were on a very tight schedule when they sneaked off to motel rooms, and they were so rushed that they'd have to make love and eat salad at the same time. She complained bitterly that the mouth of the salad dressing bottle was too wide and she'd spill it all over his chest, and would we be kind enough to introduce a squeeze top."

Hospital chart

Britain's Queen Mother, 98, had emergency surgery Sunday to stop a serious nosebleed. She had been suffering from them for two or three weeks. She was operated on under local anesthetic at a hospital near the royal residence of Sandringham and went home the same day, the Mirror reported.

It was pot and pans

Ann B. Davis, housekeeper Alice Nelson on TV's "The Brady Bunch," confesses to doing pot. "I tried it once and I didn't like it," she says in the college magazine U. "I wanted to feel like I had one martini -- not three." Davis, 72, lives in a Texas Episcopal community and has devoted her post-"Bunch" life to Christian causes.

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