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For well over a decade, the media have had a field day reporting public officials' personal behavior, as if to insinuate that voters should only elect saints to represent them. Would the media please let us know when they find one?

How can senators and congressmen sit in judgment of anyone's personal behavior? In President Clinton's case, only his wife, Hillary, and God should have anything to say.

The Republicans have wanted to remove the president from office since the day after Clinton was elected. They have spent over $40 million of our tax money investigating for that very purpose, only to find Peeping Tom testimony. This is absurd. How about doing some work for us, the taxpayers, rather than trying to enhance the holier-than-thou image of the Republican Party?

There are no saints in either party. Voters should and will pay more attention in 2000 as to whom they wish to give controlling power in Congress. I am quite sure it will not be the Republicans. Many working men and women have been sickened by their display.

Louis P. Dudek Orchard Park

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