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Chautauqua County District Attorney James P. Subjack said Tuesday that he and two police officers found a skull alongside the Southern Tier Expressway near Falconer on Jan. 16, when they were checking out a tip in a separate crime case.

Subjack would not release the name of the tipster, but the man apparently told him that the remains could help solve the disappearance of Lori Ceci Bova of Lakewood, who has been missing since June 1997.

"I received a telephone call at home, indicating that human remains would be found at the location," Subjack said. ". . . I notified a couple of police officers, and the three of us went out there and found the remains. We contacted some other police agencies and conducted a thorough investigation."

The skull and a few other bones were found to be those of an elderly woman who died 85 years ago.

Subjack said that it was farfetched to consider that the remains would be linked to the missing woman but that tips in that case should be taken seriously.

Subjack said he wants the man who called in the tip and those who reportedly took the remains from a mausoleum in Albion to face charges. "I believe felony charges could be lodged against them because they broke into the mausoleum to steal the remains," he said.

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