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I received this letter from a reader, in reaction to a Dec. 1 letter from a girl seeking advice about how to tell an unattractive guy with a crush on her to leave her alone.
Dear Megan,

I'd like to write my feelings on what "Freaking Out" said.

This girl has an awful lot of issues to discuss with herself. The boy seems like a very kind and compassionate person and seems like he would be a good friend. I know looks do count, but only to a point. Sometimes you have to force yourself past that physical obstacle and get to the emotional part of someone.

What she has to do is put up clear but sensitive boundaries to let him know that they are just friends. If he can't understand that, then she should just try to avoid him and eventually he will stop following her around. It seems a little unfair, but much more polite than saying, "Get away from me, you ugly freak."

Sarah S.
I totally and completely agree with Sarah. Why has society become so obsessed with the way people look? Why is so much based on our looks? If you don't have the perfect hair and clothes, you are not "cool" enough to hang out with some people. And don't even think about speaking to some people if you have a zit.

Society no longer idolizes people who do honest work. We worship basketball players, models and movie stars -- people who are beautiful and make a lot of money.

What makes you think you are so much better than someone else? Is it because you have a lot of money? Or because every outfit you own costs more than someone's entire wardrobe? Take a good look in the mirror. Maybe you aren't as great as you thought you were.

Another thing is, why do we have to be so cruel to each other? Didn't anyone learn, "Do unto others as they would do to you"? How would you like to have your heart stomped on by the person you love?

A lot of people do see through the looks and look for the personality. They can see that inner beauty and outer beauty.

Got a problem? Write to Megan in care of NeXt, The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240.

Megan is really Lauren Richardson, a junior at West Seneca East Senior High School.

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