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Cheektowaga Central High School students will have a chance to take some new courses next year.

The Cheektowaga Central School Board voted Monday to add seven high school electives for the 1999-2000 school year.

Some new courses have been requested, Principal George Radka explained.

The staff tried to devise electives that were appealing and different but still fit the state's higher standards and prepared students for life after graduation, administrators said.

"All these (electives) help to complement the new standards and help meet the appropriate needs of today," said Delia Bonenberger, district director of learning and technology.

The new electives are "The Company," a business course in which students will learn how to operate a company; "The Shape of Things -- and Why," a technology course; a computer-networking elective, in which students will learn how computers work; "Media and Cultural Studies"; "Children's Reading," a home and careers course; "Career and Personal Resources of Life;" and a fifth year of Spanish.

Some board members, however, questioned the need for some of the courses, such as Children's Reading, which includes having the students read to younger children.

"It's nice, but what's the value?" asked Jerome E. Poplawski, a board member. "I just can't find anything in it of substance."

The new electives will not require hiring new teachers. The courses, in fact, will be offered only if enough students register, school officials said.

In other business, the board approved the following coaching assignments and stipends for spring sports:

Jerry Slawek, varsity baseball, $2,852; Karin Poseluzny, co-coach for varsity softball, $1,676; Lori Conti, co-coach for varsity softball, $1,676; Jason Krasinski, boys varsity tennis, $2,852; Jim Maurino, boys varsity track, $2,852; Nick Bordonaro, girls varsity track, $2,852; John Russ, junior varsity baseball, $2,647; Jeanne Korno-wicz, junior varsity softball, $2,647; Doug Schlotterbeck, boys varsity track assistant, $1,901; John Hutnyan, girls varsity track assistant, $1,901; Ray Jablonski, modified baseball, $1,812; and Patty Anderson, modified softball, $1,812.

The board also approved an April field trip to Toronto by the International Club.

The Cheektowaga Central Challenge Team, a student group that educates peers about such social issues and problems as drug use and drunken driving, made a presentation.

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