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Restaurant inspections are conducted by the Niagara County Health Department.

Every establishment that serves food is evaluated at least annually by the department. Restaurants rated as high-risk, because they serve children or the elderly, or serve foods that require a lot of processing or are prepared hours or days before serving, are inspected at least twice a year.

There is no rating for exemplary restaurants; only violations are noted.

Many restaurants will have one violation or more at one time or another. They are coded by the health department as: Critical items that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be immediately attended to; or as items relating to sanitation, design, maintenance and cleanliness, which must be corrected by the next regular inspection or as soon as an inspector returns.

Julie's Seebreeze, 7790 Ridge Road. Critical violations: One (bleach and soap containers not labeled, corrected). Sanitation, design, etc.: One (self-closing devices on both restroom doors need adjusting). Inspected Dec. 22.

Reid's Drive-In, 150 Lake Ave. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Four (tops missing off self-service dispensers; ice scoop handle in ice dispenser; sharp knives used for opening boxes and bags are stored improperly; bags of onions on floor in dry storage room). Inspected Dec. 4.

My Place, 6612 Lincoln Ave. Critical violations: Two (plate of raw hamburger stored above ham at sandwich cooler, moved; pasta and fish at unsafe temperatures, pasta placed in cooler and fish discarded). Sanitation, design, etc.: Three (freezer needs defrosting; ice scoop on top of ice machine, placed in container; some rust spots on shelf under table across dishwasher). Inspected Dec. 16.

Navy Marine Club, Inc. 37 Park Ave. No violations. Only prepared snacks, no food preparation. Inspected Dec. 30.

Catholic Workers of Niagara Falls, 931 Niagara Ave. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Four (insufficient sanitizing concentration in wiping cloth bucket; restroom doors need self-closing devices; no soap in men's restroom; endcaps needed on lights in kitchen area). Inspected Dec. 2. As of re-inspection Dec. 16 all previous violations corrected, no further violations.

Shady Rest Adult Home, 1102 Main St. No violations. Inspected Dec. 3.

George's Restaurant, 420 Niagara St. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Two (ceiling tiles missing and in disrepair in restrooms; food buildup on light fixture shields above three bay sinks). Inspected Dec. 10.

Triple Crown Bar and Grill, 1927 Main St. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Two (some food debris on floors and storage shelves; light shield over fryer needs to be replaced). Inspected Dec. 10.

Pyrate's Table, 1210 Portage Road. No violations. Inspected Dec. 23.

Old Country Buffet, 8215 Niagara Falls Blvd. Critical violations: One (food testing thermometer available but not utilized). Sanitation, design, etc.: Eight (garbage can blocking access to handwashing sink; some ceiling tiles need repair; food buildup on floors in dry food storage area and walk-in cooler; food buildup on shelves in walk-in freezer and knife racks; vegetable slicers not washed, rinsed and properly sanitized; improper thawing procedures used for crabmeat; cooking and serving utensils need to be washed and rinsed first, not just stored in sanitizer; dirt and mold buildup on walls near dish machine). Inspected Dec. 30.

Columbia Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, 85 Columbia Drive. No violations. No food preparation on a regular basis. Inspected Dec. 23.

Frank's Pizza Shack, 448 Oliver St. No critical violations. Sanitation, design, etc.: Five (screens needed to prevent rodent and insect entrance; self-closing device needed on employee restroom door; light shields needed near walk-in cooler; cove molding missing next to restroom door; hole in dining room wall needs to be patched). Inspected Dec. 30.

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