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Hadley E. Pawlak's Jan. 5 "My View" column must have given special joy to her parents, and to all parents anxious about their daughters and sons away at college. Her story has a happy ending.

After the 1960s, many Catholic teen-agers thought that churches were dull places, and they were being told to break away to celebrate. Mass was supposed to feel like a party. Ms. Pawlak was part of that generation. One Sunday, she heard her pastor say that TV character Murphy Brown was not a good role model for girls. She resented the sermon and soured on the Catholic Church.

Two years later, as a student at Duke University, she found Catholic friends and got active in school and religious programs. In time, she began to see the real Catholic Church. She now understands that there are two kinds of preachers. The first believes that teaching about God is the prime duty of ministry. The second will not condemn but will try to entertain. Ms. Pawlak now goes to Mass to worship from the heart.

She balked at turning her back on her church, her family and her heritage. What a lesson for Catholics with prominent positions in government.

Rev. James P. Flynn Batavia

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