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In this world,

if you want to survive,

You'll need to know math,

to stay alive.

If you want to be a manager,

And own a fancy store,

You'll need to know math,

For prices, taxes, totals and more.

You need math to be a banker,

To deal with amounts,

Of money to keep,

in separate accounts.

Math comes in handy,

If you want to make toys,

You'll need to know all kinds of measurements,

To make these for girls and boys.

Whatever you want to do,

And whatever you want to be,

Math comes in handy,

That goes for you and me.

But if you're not sure yet,

That's quite all right,

Just make sure you study math,

Each and every night!

Corey Levin, 7th grade, Williamsville.

Come Unto This Wilderness

Come unto this wilderness

where nature's beauty abounds
From sparkling, rippling

waterfalls to the rainbow

of colors all around
The cornucopia of fragrant flowers and

frivolous frogs are forever imbedded

in your mind as etched in stone
Lush greenery is dotted with succulent red berries and

glassy blue ponds where fish sky dive to

break their reflection in the water
It is undeniably heaven on earth

-- Joshua Olson

Autumn Run


leaves crunch sharply
under my feet. The beauty of

the brillian fall colors, takes my mind off

the task ahead. Each red, brown, orange and ywllow

leaf; different in their own way. The crunch of the

leaves beneath my feet serveas a metronome

helping me set my pace. Faster, louder.

If only I could share the beauty and

peacefulness with someone; it

takes my breath away.

-- Jennifer Redino


When I wake up in the morning

I go outside to check on my Blueberries.

They look so fine.

When I go inside, I sit on my blue couch.

I wait to hear the timer ring,

while there thinking how blue is the smell

of my blueberries baking,

the sound of wild river rafting.

The touch of a blueberry muffin right out of the oven.

blue is passion and sadness.

The smell of blueberries after a spring shower.

Blue is the glamour of a bright summer smile.

Blue smells like minty fresh breath

you see on TV

The feeling of a bright blue balloon.

The timer rings, my dream is over.

The muffins are done,

and also my dream.

-- Russ Rizzo, 10

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