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Just in case you can't get enough of the music from "The Prince of Egypt," you'll have your choice of three movie-related CDs to snag. The film is the only motion picture in history to produce a soundtrack plus two "inspired by" albums (a country disc and an inspirational disc with pop, urban and gospel artists). Highlights of the soundtrack include "When You Believe," a duet by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and "I Will Get There," an a cappella track done by Boyz II Men.

The inspirational album features Jars of Clay ("Everything in Between"), Take 6 ("Destiny") and Shirley Caesar ("Moses the Deliverer"). Artists on the country disc include Clint Black, Alabama and Faith Hill.


We can survive smart bombs, killer apps and the Year 2000 bug. But you know technology is completely out of hand when something like this happens: Kraft has come out with Easy Mac.

It's a microwave-ready macaroni-and-cheese monstrosity. No more waiting for water to boil. Just dump two packets in a bowl, add water and beam gamma rays at it until, as the box says, the "macaroni is tender." Sounds like the recipe for Sea Monkeys. What's really scary, though, is this warning: "Just adding boiling water will NOT cook macaroni."

This is only a theory, of course, but we believe you could also use this so-called "macaroni" for your next chemistry experiment. Clearly, Easy Mac is only for the most lazy, impatient and starving. It's available without prescription on grocery shelves.


Leave the butter in the fridge and wash that grease off your feet. Lace up the new Grind Shoe from Rollerblade and shred your way across your city or town.

It's a low-cut street shoe designed as crossover footwear for skaters, boarders, bikers and anyone else who wants to go trick-or-feeting. The sole features two metal bars that independently float and spin, coating a smooth grind when you attack rails and curbs. You can wear these shoes anywhere, though, because all the hardware is tucked inside. Take it out whenever you want to rip off a royale.

The unisex Grind Shoe comes in gray or blue, both with white trim, and retails for $80. For information, go on the Web to


Want to start your own business? Learn to launch it at the seventh annual Youth Entrepreneur Symposium -- better-known as the Y.E.S. Convention -- April 11 to 14, 1999, in Philadelphia.

Workshops and seminars will focus on financing, marketing, distribution, management and general business. You'll discover opportunities in franchising. Best of all, you can network and share your energy with tons of other young soon-to-be-millionaires.

The Y.E.S. Convention, the largest of its kind in the United States, is hosted by the National Coalition for Empowering Young Entrepreneurs. For registration forms and information, e-mail or write to Bill Clark, NCEYE Inc., 3597 Shannon Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21213.


"Thanks for going and bringing your friends, but the problem with your friends is that they pay only half price 'cause they're senior citizens."

-- Adam Sandler, interviewing his mother for Seventeen magazine, on her attending "The Wedding Singer" with her posse.

"I see pores. I see yellowing teeth."

-- Actor Brad Pitt, in the New York Daily News, on what he sees when he looks in the mirror.

"He has not gained 20 pounds. That is ridiculous."

-- Leonardo DiCaprio's agent, Cindy Guagenti. She was responding to a New York Post report that said a combination of junk food, nightclubbing and inactivity after a knee operation has made our dreamboat a tugboat.

-- Knight Ridder

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