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Why should any individual who has either donated money or sacrificed time and energy to improve the St. Bonaventure University basketball program be punished for Tim Winn's foolish act?

Yes, Tim Winn should receive some form of punishment for his behavior, but not at the expense of anyone else. Loading bales of hay on a local farm next summer would be a way of punishing Winn without having a negative effect on others.

Why should Bona's students and fans suffer because of a one-punch fight? Men have fought over women since the beginning of time. The most intelligent thing leaders can do is provide protective gear to avoid the loss of vital organs such as eyes, ears, noses and teeth.

Should all the hard work and dedication Winn has invested in playing basketball at Bona be negated by one bad deed? It is important to understand that a tremendous amount of political pressure is being put on the Cattaraugus County justice system to put a black student in jail for striking a white student.

Winn isn't the only Bona student to get into a fight. When I lived on campus in 1962, there were many fights on campus due to fraternities and freshman initiations.

That tradition ended when a freshman was forced to jump off a second-story loft in a horse barn. No one knew the huge mound of hay he jumped into had a pitchfork in it. My father was the campus doctor during that period and he demanded the end of the fraternity monkey business.

It is time for "aggression release" sanctioned bouts where the fighters wear helmets and pads for protection.
East Concord
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