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What is it about the pro-life movement that instills so much hate that it drove someone to shoot a man in his own home in front of his wife and children? This is a question that all movements or causes must consider before more killings occur. In an effort to boost awareness and support for their causes, far too many organizations are resorting to inflammatory and often deadly rhetoric.

No responsible leader in the pro-life cause wanted this to happen. But they have obviously lost control of their movement. Their religious, political and common-sense arguments against abortion have been replaced with extremist, hate-filled tirades offered by those who live on the fringe of their movement.

Whether it's animal rights, human rights, gun control or political campaigns, each day we are watching well-reasoned, educated discourse on issues being replaced by reckless rhetoric and behavior.

We must ask ourselves if we want assassins who lurk in the bushes behind our homes with high-powered rifles to decide our nation's most important issues.

Kenneth H. Cowdery

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