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Monro Muffler Brake Inc.
Rochester-based Monro now owns the seven Speedy Muffler King outlets in the Buffalo area and about 200 others elsewhere, and plans eventually to change their name. It said it has no plans to close any of its own 18 outlets in the area or the ones it acquired from Speedy.

Common stock data
Latest close .... $8.38
52-week range .... $6.25 - $16.91
Dividend .... None
P/E ratio .... 7.5
Beta .... .65
Average daily volume .... 43,138
Financial data
Annual profit .... $9.85 million
Annual sales .... $154.3 million
Earnings per share
latest 12 months .... $1.11
Estimated EPS for 1999 .... $1.14
Key financial ratios
Profit margin .... 10.7%
Return on equity .... 13.8%
Debt to equity .... 65.7%
What a key exec says
"We have the right to use the Speedy name for 10 years, but I think we'll make a decision to switch to one common name long before that. Maybe we'll go with Monro, but maybe we'll go with something brand new."
-- Mike Cox, executive vice president
SOURCE: Bloomberg News; Zacks Investment Research

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