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Shame on the Town of Clarence. It's OK to consider building 100 new homes on the 40 acres of farmland that the Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church wanted to build on, but it's not OK to build a house of worship and a place for spiritual family activities. A place that ministers to the youth, the elderly and the sick and supports missionaries around the world.

It seems that God's house must now take a back seat to greed and politics. Apparently, the traffic from 100 new homes is OK but the traffic from Sunday worshipers and those attending midweek prayer services and other activities is not.

There are hundreds of communities across the country that would be proud to have such a church in their area. After Sunday services, many of these worshipers would have filled the local restaurants and patronized other businesses.

These 40 acres of farmland currently pay approximately $8,000 in town taxes. If 100 new homes were built, the town could receive $600,000 annually in new taxes. So why don't they just admit that it's about greed and politics and that it has nothing to do with traffic?

I would tell the fine people of Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church to build their church in another town. I know there are other communities that respect ministers and parishioners of all faiths and will allow this beautiful church to be built.

A place of worship -- whether a church, cathedral, synagogue, mosque or tiny mission -- never downgrades an area. Instead, it is the very essence of family community living.

O. John Perrello

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