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Tabulations are based on an exit poll averaging over 350 moviegoers per film. Viewers rate the movie between 1 star and 4 stars. "Audience Approval" is the percentage who gave the film either 3 1/2 or 4 stars.


In "Enemy of the State," cyber-spies pump Will Smith full of paranoia, then dangle him across the screen like a puppet with tangled strings. Smith plays a Washington lawyer who possesses video evidence of the truth about a congressman's death.

One thing is clear: Action-techno-thriller enthusiasts displayed their appreciation by giving "Enemy of the State" a must-see 89 percent Audience Approval rating.

Moviegoers stated: "The pace never relented. I almost lost my breath" (many), "A timely treatment of the subject of privacy" and "Pretty unbelievable. But if it could happen, it's scary." (Buffalo News Staff Reviewer Mary Kunz strongly disagreed: "Though this story makes points about privacy, the story is thin, the action is jangling, and the whole thing amounts to a thudding headache." She gave the film 1 star out of a possible 5.)


"Celebrity": Kenneth Branagh stars in Woody Allen film. Leonardo DiCaprio and Melanie Griffith are along for the ride. Moviegoers said: "Typical Allen movie -- very interesting" (many). (News Critic Jeff Simon: "Despite some hilarious raunchy scenes and a fine showing by DiCaprio, Woody Allen's black-and-white take on celebrity and celebrity journalism is a major disappointment, most notably for Kenneth Branagh's dithering, deeply annoying Woody impression." He gave it 3 stars.)

"The Rugrats Movie": "Rugrats" is a big animated hit on TV's Nickelodeon. Theater rugrats reacted: "Kinda corny -- but good" and "The littlest one was dancing and laughing."(News Contributing Reviewer Kathleen Rizzo Young: "their first venture to the big screen abandons that TV intimacy and is unnecessarily scary." She gave the movie 2 1/2 stars.)

"American History X": Neo-Nazi Edward Norton is released from prison to find that his younger brother Edward Furlong is making the same mistakes of hatred that he once made. Viewers said, "Very intense" (many). (Jeff Simon: "Worth seeing for one reason and one reason alone -- Edward Norton's blistering, watermark performance." He gave the film 2 stars.)

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