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"Do you know how to keep a turkey in suspense?" Unlucky Louie asked me.

"No," I replied innocently. "How?"

There was an ever-lengthening silence. When I finally caught on, Louie roared with laughter.

A little later, I watched as North-South climbed indiscreetly up to five hearts. Louie, sitting West, led the ten of clubs. After giving thanks that Louie hadn't led a diamond, South won with the queen and cashed the nine and jack of trumps.

South next took three more clubs, pitching his two low spades as Louie had to follow suit. South next led the king of spades from dummy; and when East's ace covered, South ruffed, got back to dummy with the king of trumps and threw two diamonds on the Q-J of spades. South conceded two diamonds and sat back to listen to East lecture Louie on opening leads.

"Do you know what a bridge expert has for Thanksgiving dinner?" I asked Louie after all the shouting had died down.


"I didn't think so," I said.

You hold: A 10 3 6 3 A Q 7 3 2 5 3 2. Your partner opens 2NT, and the next player passes. What do you say?

A: The answer depends on your partnership's range for a 2NT opening. If partner promises 22 to 24 points, bid 6NT; but if he promises 21 or 22 points, raise to 4NT, a "quantitative" try for slam (not the Blackwood Convention). Since your hand is worth 11 points, you'd want to be at slam only if he has maximum values.

North dealer

N-S vulnerable
K Q J 8
K J 9
10 5
A K J 4
9 6 4 2
8 5 2
K 4
10 9 8 7
A 10 3
6 3
A Q 7 3 2
5 3 2
7 5
A Q 10 7 4
J 9 8 6
Q 6
North East South West
1 Pass 1 Pass
2 Pass 3 Pass
4 Pass 4NT Pass
5 Pass 5 All Pass
Opening lead -- 10

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