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The oldest daughter of Raymond Jarmack testified Wednesday at Nancy Powers' murder trial that she hated visiting him because of the "tons and tons and tons" of pills he had in his house and his constant complaints about her mother's sexuality.

Ashley Jarmack, 13 -- called to testify for the prosecution -- painted a portrait of Jarmack as a man obsessed with his ex-wife's relationship with the defendant.

Ms. Powers, 34, is charged with murder in the death of Jarmack, 42.

Prosecutors contend she stabbed him 27 times Dec. 15 in his Town of Aurora home because she was angry at his efforts to regain custody of his three daughters by Kathy Phillips.

Ms. Powers claims she killed Jarmack in self-defense after he abducted her from an East Aurora shopping plaza the night he was killed.

Ashley, who lives with her mother and two younger sisters in Seneca Falls, testified in State Supreme Court that she came to hate visiting her father because he never stopped complaining about her mother's sexuality and because of the pills around his house.

Ashley, who said she had spent Tuesday night at the Orchard Park home of Ms. Powers' parents, also said that she did not know the nature of the "pills" and conceded they could have been non-prescription pain relievers.

Recounting an incident from the fall of 1997, Ashley said her father misconstrued laughter by Ms. Powers and her daughter and began "screaming" about how Ms. Powers was causing his life to fall apart.

Ashley said she knows Ms. Powers is a lesbian and even though she knows her mother "loves" Ms. Powers, she still does not know the extent of their relationship.

Responding to a question about whether she had ever been abused, Ashley said her father did "push" her once in anger. She said last year she stopped wanting to visit him because it was "not really" fun anymore.

Monday or Tuesday, prosecutors are expected to put Jeanette Bryant Tascarella, 30, on the stand. Ms. Tascarella claims Ms. Powers made incriminating remarks to her about Jarmack's death while they were in the Erie County Holding Center in April.

Justice Russell P. Buscaglia ordered the prosecution to provide the defense with copies of presentencing documents on Ms. Tascarella, which outline her use of drugs.

Buscaglia, in adjourning the trial until Monday, warned jurors not to discuss the case.

Should anyone bring up the trial, Buscaglia told jurors to "tell them you want to watch the football game or have to carve the turkey."

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