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The Town Board Monday agreed to try to stall a road construction project until some problems can be straightened out.

The old 5-by-8-foot culverts used to direct Sawyer Creek under the roads are being replaced by 4-by-6-foot conduits, and Supervisor Timothy E. Demler said the new culverts are much too small.

On a motion by Demler, the board voted unanimously to ask the contractor, Armand Cerrone Inc., to stop work on the project at Niagara Falls Boulevard and Sy Road.

Demler said he would notify state representatives of the problems since the project is being run by the Department of Transportation.

Even though the size of the new culverts had been approved by town engineers, Demler said concerns had been raised by Drainage Committee members and residents. Demler said the fear is that the area, which is prone to flooding, would be hit worse as the creek swells.

"There will be flooding because of the huge water flow," Demler said. "I don't care if you're an engineer or not, these are way too small."

The work, which is part of the multimillion dollar boulevard project, would connect Old Falls Boulevard to Sy Road. Instead of both roads entering Niagara Falls Boulevard, only Sy would, it was noted. Demler said the bridge on Old Falls was scheduled to be removed today.

The town wants the culvert size reinvestigated before the work begins.

In another matter, the board voted to pursue the purchase of an emergency rescue response boat for the town's volunteer fire companies. Demler said he hoped the town could secure grants for the boat, which would be used for rescues in the many man-made lakes in the town's developments.

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