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The Buffalo Bills got good news today on the neck injury to safety Manny Martin.

The Bills were concerned Monday that Martin might have a ruptured disk problem similar to the one that sidelined linebacker Chris Spielman last season. The Bills were awaiting test results to determine the severity of the injury.

However, test results showed Martin does not have a disk problem. He will be out seven to 10 days. He will miss Sunday's rematch with New England but probably will return for the next game against Cincinnati.

"It's a nerve root that's inflammed," coach Wade Phillips said. "He just has to give it time to heal."

Martin had suffered a stinger -- or a shock to the nerves in the lower neck that affect the shoulders and arms -- against New England last week. He got another stinger on a blow late in the first half Sunday against Indianapolis.

"I still have some soreness (in the neck)," Martin said. "I had taken X-rays the past two weeks and everything was fine."
There will be two Fluties on the Foxboro Stadium field Sunday. Doug Flutie's nephew, 11-year-old Bill Flutie of Natick, Mass., is one of five finalists in the NFL Gatorade Punt, Pass and Kick Championship for the New England area. Bill Flutie's father, also named Bill, is an older brother of the Buffalo quarterback and played collegiately at Brown University. The younger Bill Flutie is quarterback and kicker on his Pop Warner team and guided it to consecutive championship game appearances the past two years.

Flutie was called for an intentional grounding penalty on the Bills' second drive Sunday. On a second-down play from the Colts' 6, Flutie threw the ball away, over the back of the end zone. Andre Reed was in the vicinity. Flutie was in the pocket, between the tackles.

"I talked to the official in the tunnel after the game," Phillips said. "He said he was advised -- and he didn't particularly agree with it -- but he was advised that's the way it should be called. If you throw it out of the back of the end zone, it's automatically that call. I'm going to call Jerry Seaman. I just want to know how they're going to call it. Because (Peyton) Manning threw one to the side (out of the end zone) earlier into the stands, and nothing was called. . . . I told him they weren't about to get Flutie back there. Nobody (on the Colts) was close to him. I thought the rule was when you are avoiding a sack."

Phillips on Reed's 67-yard TD catch late in the first half: "He caught the ball and I was running down the sideline hollering to Doug, 'Time out, time out, time out.' I thought they were going to catch him. I hate to tell Andre that. But what a player. He made a lot of timing catches in the game, too. He's a great warrior."

The Bills report there are 36,000 tickets left for the Dec. 13 home game against Oakland and 37,000 left for the Dec. 19 game against the New York Jets. Sunday's crowd of 49,032 was the second-smallest in the NFL this weekend, ahead of the 37,084 at Tennessee.

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