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A fang-baring velociraptor charges through the jungle, smelling your blood, chomping every warm-blooded creature in its path. Death nips at your heels. Sure, we've all been there, but now you can replay the wonderful memories from the comfort of your computer.

"Trespasser" is a new CD-ROM game based on "The Lost World," the cinematic follow-up to "Jurassic Park." DreamWorks Interactive -- the same guys who made the movies -- developed the game. They made a game that's high on cool graphics and sound and even higher on player freedom. Go anywhere you want -- there's 10 square miles of 3-D ground to explore -- and use your ears as much as your eyes. If you can lift it, you can use it as a weapon. Ultimately, sharp wits keep you alive. It's strictly a one-player feast and sells for about $40.


Nowadays, kids are either all that, all about the Benjamins or bout it, bout it. At least, according to Teenspeak 101. This "Cliffs Notes" to young lingo is published by the Women's Network on But we'll save you some time; here's a glossary of terms you may -- or may not -- know:

All that: The epitome of everything good.

Aw-ight (aw-IGHT): I agree.

Benjamins: Money, the kind that has Benjamin Franklin on it.

Bout it: Handling business.

Chillin': Relaxing.

Jone-ing: To make fun of.

Kick it: Have fun.

Tight: Cool.


Ever wondered what it would be like to run a magazine? Seventeen gives you the chance with its Editor-for-a-Day contest. Visitors to Seventeen Online ( will be asked to submit three ideas for stories, quizzes, fashion spreads or any other elements of magazine. The winner gets to spend a day in the New York office, attending editorial meetings, helping select fashion and beauty layouts, researching story ideas and participating in the nuts and bolts of the editorial process. The winner's name will be listed in the magazine for the issue they worked on. Time is short; entry deadline is Dec. 1.

"I don't want to burden my soul with anger -- not anymore. Anger sounds really destructive to me right now."

-- Singer Alanis Morissette in an interview with E! online.

-- Knight Ridder

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