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As director of Ozone Action, I'd like to respond to the recent News story, "Firms warm up to climate treaty," which used General Motors Corp. to highlight the assumption that businesses are no longer opposed to dealing with global warming. Unfortunately, if we look behind the global-warming rhetoric of GM, we will see that it is carrying on with business as usual.

GM is still a member of several industry front groups, including the Global Climate Coalition, Coalition for Vehicle Choice and Global Climate Information Project. These groups conduct massive public relations and advertising campaigns to confuse the public about the causes of global warming and work to undermine the broad scientific consensus that global warming is a legitimate threat.

GM has also been a vocal opponent of increasing fuel-efficiency standards on cars, trucks and the ever-popular sport-utility vehicles. This is the biggest single step GM could take to reduce harmful air pollution and the threat of global warming, yet it fights it every step of the way.

How can we take GM seriously when its words on global warming do not match its actions? Until GM decides to drop out of these groups and stop opposing increased fuel-efficiency standards, we cannot.

Brandon Macgillis
Washington, D.C.

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