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The American Contract Bridge League's charity game will be played at 7:30 p.m. today in the Bridge Centre, 2371 George Urban Blvd., Depew, and at the Buffalo Whist Club in the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1530 Kenmore Ave.

The Bridge Centre will have a Swiss team game at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. The club is closed for Thanksgiving Day.

Winners of the Buffalo Whist Club tournament Nov.16 were Jerry Fried and Jim Mathgis, with 57 percent. Lillie Jassy and Alice Lind were second, with 55 percent.

Duplicate Scores
B&P Shannon Pub Monday morning -- North-south, Jacqueline and Hugh Hanley, 127.5; east-west, Margaret Schomers and John Valentine, 134.5; Jan Butler and Melvin Braun, 118; possible 216.

B&P Shannon Pub Friday morning -- North-south, Lorraine Ciavatta and Margaret Trott, 130.5; east-west, Janice Butler and Melvin Braun, 129.5; possible 216.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Jeanette Michienzi and Doreen Scott, 106.67; Harold Meyers and Gisela Browne, 89.67; east-west, Elizabeth Ostolski and Jean Considine, 96.58; Brian Meyer and Dorothy Boyd, 94.75.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, James Scott and Robert Feasley, 103.5; Chester Fell and William Schneidau, 95.5; east-west, Doreen Scott and Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan, 111.5; Fenton Harrison and Kathryn Rogers, 107.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, Mary Ellen State and B. Ruth Hnath, 72.5; Betsy Daly and Judy Zacher, 64; east-west, Betty Dorio and Curtis Hallis, 87; Val Derenda and Joe Benenati, 57.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- Harry Cheung and Vincent Pesce, 28.5; Jeanette Michienzi and Claire Chodorow, 27.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, William Bascom and Suraj Jain, 132; Christy Kellogg and Judy Graf, 110; east-west, Renzo Renzoni and Vincent Pesce, 122.5; William Haring and Jack Miller, 96.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Beverly Cohen and Jim Mathis, 227; Howard Foster and Andrew Holt, 185; Shirley Lyth and Donna Steffan, 151; east-west, Randolph Seidenbrg Jr. and Phyllis Post, 198.5; Jerry Geiger and Misha Tomic, 193; Steve Rashkin and Steve Shanely, 158.50.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- North-south, Corliss Dye and Jeanette Michienzi 102; Rita Sierocinski and Betty Dietrich, 84; east-west, Larry Doherty and Walter Bluestone, 96.5; Lorraine Ciavatta and Gil Krawitz, 96.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Carol McMahon and Pat Zieja, 28.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- North-south, Elbert Hargesheimer III and Judy Graf, 69; Betty Robins and Ann Coughlin, 58.5; east-west, Charles Tripi and Philip Thomas, 81.5; Chester Fell and Ed Borosky, 68.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Dorothy Brenner and Anne Watkins; Harold Meyers and Betty Bronstein, tie 107.44; Donna Steffan and Jeanne Gladysz, 97.31; east-west, Doreen and James Scott, 119.5; Jack Miller and William Haring, 88.5.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- North-south, Christy Kellogg and Catherine Bentzel, 70.5; east-west, Pol Akman and Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan, 73; Ann Edwards and Anne O'Connor, 68.5.

Clarence Senior Center -- North-south, Berta Brown and Jeanette LeGrant, 66; east-west, Pat Cullinan and Martha Moncelli, 54.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Dot Grosicki and Eleanor Barrett, 86; east-west, Esther Ferris and Chuck Heimerl, 93; possible 140.

Friday Dupliclub -- North-south, Mary and Dick Schad, 69; east-west, Thelma and Al Ker, 74.5; possible 120.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- Howell. John Lewis and John Valentine, 104; Roy Crocker and Anne Licata, 103; Bob Horanberg and Howard Turner, 84; Irene Seefeldt and Connie Swick, 80; possible 168.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday -- Howell. Adam Dzimian and Nita Ferrell, 60; Don and Miriam Regnet, 59; Anne Licata and Stuart Caswell, 58; Connie Swick and Irene Seefeldt, 57.5.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- North-south, James Scott and Philip Thomas, 99; Joyce Kindt and Catherine Bentzel, 91.5; east-west, Doreen Scott and Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan, 107.5; Michael Ryan and Paul Orosz, 96.

Tots Center Monday -- Pat and Mike Weber, 22.5; possible 36.

Tots Center Wednesday -- North-south, Mel Ferris and Chuck Wolf, 74; east-west, Frances and Emmett Wass, 73.5; possible 120.

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