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A civilized society does not kill babies in the womb; policemen on the street; doctors in their home or office; children and teachers in their school; or loved ones through euthanasia. We cannot claim to be a civilized society when we believe we have the "right" to do these things.

We are on the "slippery slope of rights." Our nation, beginning with aborting the baby in the womb, has slid down to doing away with the sick and dying. Is this a civilized society? How inconvenient life has become.

One of God's Ten Commandments states, "Thou shalt not kill." Man's law -- the Roe vs. Wade decision -- states that a woman has a right to kill her baby in the womb. Whose law is right? An individual does not have to profess a particular religious faith to understand that a baby is destroyed through abortion. Natural law, medical text, sonograms and common sense tell us this.

Do we have to see a person face-to-face to believe that he or she is real? We are living proof that we matured for nine months in our mother's womb and continued to mature to adulthood. A civilized society protects and nurtures every human being from conception to natural death.

STELLA L. RYNDAK North Tonawanda

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