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All My Children: Hayley accused Raquel of lying about Max's paternity, but couldn't ignore the child's resemblance to Mateo. Mateo decided to divorce Raquel, but felt torn between love for Hayley and responsibility toward Max. Braden tried to help a desperate Dixie contact Tad. However, when she finally got through, she was distressed by his indifference. Following a confrontation with Erica, Kit wanted to drop her case. While Erica tried to convince Jack that Kit has been lying, Edmund's feelings for Kit grew stronger. David learned that Adam owns the fertility clinic where Liza was treated. Coming: Ryan walks out on Gillian.

Another World: Marley again sought help from Jordan, while Jake tried to uncover the mystery surrounding the man. Grant rejected Cindy once he realized that she doesn't have the incriminating tape. Josie and Cameron were fearful and guilt-ridden when the doctor questioned the date she had conceived. Cass confronted Matt about his strange behavior. Someone from Remy's past paid her an unexpected visit. Jake and Vicky were shocked by Donna's actions. Coming: Vicky tries to get help.

As the World Turns: Carly had no choice but to forge an agreement with John. However, she secretly came up with her own plan and prepared to launch it. Margo, believing there was still hope for her and Tom in their marriage, was stunned to find him in a close moment with Emily. Jack decided that the time was right for him and Julia to take the next step in their relationship. Holden considered turning himself in, while Lucinda made a decision that carried major consequences. Coming: A growing concern torments Holden and Lily.

Bold and Beautiful: Amber told Rick she overheard his conversation and needs to know where she stands. Rick said that he loves her and promised to tell Kimberly about their engagement. However, when Rick took Kimberly out to break the news, he was too nervous to confess and they ended up dancing. Sally was concerned over what she believed were Macy's visions of her long-vanished father, and got more upset when Macy insisted that Adam had been there. Taylor was horrified by Ridge's description of Brooke's new bedroom products line, which would involve their working together. Coming: Myles is torn over what to do for Macy.

Days of Our Lives: Lucas received visits from both Taylor and Nicole, each of whom was impressed by the wealth of the Kiriakis mansion. Carrie confronted Ali about her overconfidence in being named as head nurse, but Ali exploded at Carrie, ordering her to stay out of Ali and Mike's personal lives. As jury selection began in Sami's trial, Austin assured her of his support. Stefano shocked everyone when he proposed to Vivian. Rolf ran into problems when he began to lose his database of Hope's memories. Coming: Billie tries to face the truth.

General Hospital: Lucky rescued Luke and decided to stay with his father. Later, as Stefan looked on, Laura was reunited with Luke and Lucky. In return for receiving damaging evidence against Luke from Jerry, Stefan agreed to keep Jerry's name out of his plan to ruin Luke. Ned headed for Monte Carlo to distract Julia, accompanied by a jealous Alexis. Jerry traveled to Monaco to help Jax. Carly fumed when Robin refused to let A.J. visit Michael. Alan offered Felicia his story and access to his dealer. Coming: Carly takes advantage of Robin's absence.

Guiding Light: Cassie's allegations drew a strong reaction from the Lewis family. Josh's behavior continued to baffle Reva, who then demanded some answers from Cassie. Phillip and Harley found it harder to elope than they had anticipated. Vanessa accused Beth of being the stalker. In return, a defiant Beth warned Vanessa that she'll be available and ready when Matt decided that he deserves a better wife. Facing the fight of his life, Ross made a shocking admission on the witness stand. Coming: Things seem to be going Teri's way.

One Life to Live: Todd couldn't go through with the wedding and left Tea at the altar. Later, Todd convinced Tea to give him another chance, but as the couple were making love in the cabana, the tape of Todd's confession began to play throughout the country club. Todd stormed out, leaving Tea trapped inside the cabana, where she accidentally set it on fire. Cassie demanded that Barbara finish what she started, but Barbara couldn't shoot her and handed back the gun. Nora was terrified when she suffered abdominal pains and feared for the baby's health. Coming: Jess tries to decide her best option for the future.

Port Charles: After the killer made an attempt on Mary's life, Kevin urged Mary to move in with her sons. Julie made love with Frank, then received a disturbing call from Greg Cooper. Scott pleaded guilty after Eve was badgered on the witness stand. Serena was fascinated by an old treasure map, which was also in the thoughts of a man who had just been released from prison. Kevin was appalled to discover that Greg Cooper might be Victor Collins' son. Coming: Scott is worried about Lucy and Serena.

Sunset Beach: Hillary was mortally wounded in a struggle with Cole for her gun. Francesca took the jewels but accidentally dropped one of the emeralds, which Amy and Brad found. Jealous of Sean's interest in Emily, Amy gave her the emerald. As Amy chanted prayers designed to defeat her enemy, Emily started to choke. Cole saved Caitlin from the bomb Hillary planted, but he was injured doing so. Michael was taken aback when Vanessa revealed that she's pregnant, leading Virginia to hope that Michael will reject Vanessa. Antonio felt guilty about his attraction to Gabi. Coming: Someone is tormenting Caitlin about her secret.

Young and Restless: Ruth allowed Chris to question Jim, and Chris realized that he doesn't remember his past. Paul, who had followed Chris to Norfolk, was stunned to come face to face with Carl, and devastated that his father didn't recognize him. Cole had to tell Vicki that their baby died, and Neil was pushed into the background as Vicki's family consoled her. Trey refused to give Malcolm a copy of Callie's contract for Chris to review. Phyllis asked Jack about the prospect of a job, which led to flirtations between them, then a passionate kiss. Brad invited Diane to help him celebrate his new job, which caught Jack's attention. Coming: Jill's legal challenge presses on.