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Buffalo takes another licking

Fans of Ben & Jerry's, beware. Your favorite ice cream folks are bashing Buffalo.

It seems Toronto is getting its first crack at Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and all those other richly delicious flavors from Ben & Jerry's.

And how is the company marketing its debut to the north? With posters that depict a pint of ice cream and this inflammatory statement:

"One less reason to go to Buffalo."

One thing is definitely true. Your dollar will buy you about 40 percent more ice cream up there than it does here.

Yum, yum.

Notes from the locker room

Some notes gathered by one of our prying correspondents during five tours of the Bills locker room Tuesday night:

Judging by all the chips and dents on their helmets, fullback Sam Gash and defensive lineman Shawn Price aren't football players. They're Ninja warriors dressed in football uniforms.

Wide receiver Eric Moulds respects his elders. Football cards of veteran wide receivers Andre Reed and Quinn Early grace his locker.

Flutie Flakes obviously are a prized possession. Several players had boxes of the stuff secreted in their lockers.

Retired long snapper Adam Lingner, who still works for the Bills, had the best line of the night:

"Everybody check out Doug Flutie's locker. It's the same size as everybody else's."

And it is.

Bad career move for an ex-boss

Lucille Kaminski need not apply to be deputy town clerk when her appointment as Eden town clerk expires at the end of the year.

You may remember Mrs. Kaminski as the office holder who walked into the town clerk's office the morning after she lost the bitter race for clerk and fired her deputy, who had defeated her in the election.

Now newly elected Clerk Mary Jo Hultquist is advertising to hire two deputies to work with her after she takes office.

Mrs. Kaminski doesn't stand a chance.

"I guess all I can say is you reap what you sow," Mrs. Hultquist said. "Why would I want her there? It would be impossible."

Stree name says hail to the chef

So you ask the owner of Chef's Restaurant where it's located, and he replies: 291 Seneca Street, corner of Chicago.

Really? You don't mention the new designation of Chicago Street as Louis Billittier Boulevard?

"No," replied Billittier, "but you're giving me some ideas."

The Common Council approved the designation in honor of Billittier's contributions to the community as a member of the Peace Bridge Authority, the boards of West Seneca Developmental Center and the Heritage Foundation and former member of the Erie Community College board.

And that's in addition to the great sauce.

Reynolds wins another House race

He won't be getting that really sweet state pension he believes he has earned, but Tom Reynolds at least will have a respectable office when he shows up for work in Washington as the area's newest congressman.

The former assemblyman from Springville, elected earlier this month to the seat being vacated by Bill Paxon, hit the jackpot for incoming congressmen in Saturday's lottery to dole out available office digs.

Reynolds had the first choice of what was left after veteran congressmen picked over the offices being vacated by outgoing members.

There were 39 office spaces available in the lottery, so it's not likely Reynolds will have the best seat in the House, so to speak.

Still, Reynolds did get his pick of what was left after the veterans made their choices.

Sally Vastolo, Reynolds' chief of staff, earned herself a special place in the congressman-elect's heart by drawing the lucky No. 1 chip in the lottery.

"It's job security," she said.

Off Main was written by Tom Ernst with contributions from John F. Bonfatti, Karen Robinson and Gene Warner.