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Thank you very much for the article in the Nov. 9 edition that described how several Buffalo-area high school swim coaches have adopted the training model developed by Total Immersion Swimming. However, one assertion in the article puzzles me. South Towns Aquatic Racers coach Barry Neville is quoted as saying, ". . . in articles I've read and from talking to other coaches around the country, high school swimmers (who use TI) show great strides in a two- to three-year period and then four-five-six years down the road when these swimmers go to college . . . their improvement starts tapering off."

I would sincerely appreciate it if Coach Neville could provide citations for these articles he claims to have read and the coaches he claims to have spoken to. While Total Immersion has been taught to adult swimmers in weekend workshop for nearly 10 years, we have actively trained high school coaches in our "Fishlike Swimming" approach for only the past two years. So the four-to-six year track record he claims to have knowledge of is simply impossible to support.

Further, I am one of those coaches myself -- I coach Division I swimmers at USMA, West Point -- and the truth is precisely opposite of what he states.

Director, Total Immersion Swimming
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