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I am writing in response to the Nov. 7 News editorial "Don't mistake schools for churches." The world's greatest music was written for the church. That should warrant some attention in the public schools for that reason alone.

School concerts provide the opportunity for students to display their talent and progress, but when the same type of music is performed in churches or temples, it takes on a religious significance.

Back in the early '50s, when I was a student at Kensington High School, I was first introduced to the majestic "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's "Messiah" and other great works. This was the spark that ignited my lifelong love of choral music. If Kleinhans is to be filled with appreciative audiences in the future, then today's students must be exposed to serious music.

The ability to understand and enjoy great music is a gift that lasts a lifetime. We shouldn't let a selfish minority deprive others of the opportunity to develop this gift.

Barbara Pirk