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Welcome to Negativeland, USA. Welcome to an area that still believes it's always the underdog and still Mr. Blue Collar (Hey, it's the '90s, not '60s!). Welcome to an environment that accepts pessimism as easily as a plate of wings and a cold brew (a Genny, no doubt).

I'm referring to those who follow the Bills, read the clippings, wear their Starter jackets and then state they don't care if they leave. I'm referring to those who laughed at the Flutie signing, the Wade Phillips promotion, the keeping of Eric Moulds and the lease agreement, but are now fans again. I'm referring to those who rip Ralph Wilson for being rich and greedy (hey, try competitive). Remember, this is a town that refers to anyone making over 50K a year as a "big wheel." If he were as greedy as some believe this team would have been sold and moved by now.

Do we really deserve the Bills' resurgence, after all of the negative shadowing? Do we deserve the excitement and positive belief Doug Flutie and the team has brought? Do we deserve the spark and confidence of a John Rigas? Think about it.

Folks, let's put the taxpayer speech to rest along with all the negatives about athletes and sport (if I hear one more story about what a Sabre or a Bill did at a bar, I'm going to lose it). Professional sports is rapidly changing and is a market-based business now. Can this area remain in the bigs? I hope so. Can it change its view and eliminate the "I'm being dumped on" mentality? Who knows.


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