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Michael Bray is a writer and convicted clinic bomber and is described as "the father of violence" for the radical fringe of the anti-abortion movement.

After spending four years in jail for conspiring to bomb abortion clinics, Bray became one of the driving forces in the creation of a national network of pro-life extremists.

His book, "A Time to Kill," became a bible of sorts for radicals, and his annual "White Rose Banquet" a popular gathering point for activists who support or defend violence.

In 1993, Bray and about 30 others signed a statement defending Michael Griffin, the man charged with and later convicted of killing an abortion provider in Pensacola, Fla.

The petition, known as the Defensive Action Statement, declared that murder is legitimate and justifiable if it defends the life of an unborn child.

Bray, during an interview with The Buffalo News, explained his stance on violence:

Q: How do you justify the murder of abortion providers?

A: We say it's a citizen's right to intervene to stop murder. These are children who are being destroyed, rather than just blobs of flesh. These are humans. I stand by the practice of people to terminate abortionists.

Q: And the justifiable-homicide petition?

A: That was just another voice -- a consistent and rational voice.

Q: What's the purpose of the White Rose Banquet?

A: The purpose is to honor those in prison, to honor those who've been shunned. It's also a time of celebration. You have someone in jail, so there are really two emotions -- one of mourning and one of celebration.

Q: Pro-choice leaders accuse you of instigating violence.

A: They don't like the truth. They're telling me I should shut up because they're trying to connect my words with someone else's actions. If I say Saddam (Hussein) is a terrible ruler and someone assassinates him, is that my fault? They don't like my speech. I don't like theirs.

Q: Do you advocate the murder of doctors?

A: I reject the charge that I'm an advocate for the murdering of doctors. I call it justifiable homicide. There's a difference between advocacy and calling it justifiable. I support the right of a person to protect the life of a child by using violence.

Q: Pro-choice supporters say abortion is a woman's legal right.

A: It's cloaked in this noble women's rights thing. It's not women's rights. It's fornicators' rights. It's also population control.

Q: Have you crossed paths with James Kopp, the man wanted for questioning in the murder of Dr. Slepian?

A: Because I don't renounce the act, I wouldn't tell you if I knew, and I wouldn't tell you if I didn't know.

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