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After months of discussions, the City of Jamestown and the Town of Ellicott have scrapped the concept of revenue sharing but are now talking about sharing some services.

The talks started when the City Council approved a new sewer and water agreement between Ellicott and the Board of Public Utilities and some Council members complained the pact did not do enough to boost the city's revenue.

Council Finance Committee Chairman Andrew Johnson Friday said both sides agreed shared services is more practical.

"The end result is the same," he said. "We will be providing services at a lower cost, and whether it is new revenue or a lower operating cost it will cost less to run the government."

Ellicott Council member Kenneth Lyons agreed sharing services is more viable.

"We are trying to see if there are opportunities. We are talking about sharing services, but we don't know yet where it is going to go," Lyons said.

The two governments may consider sharing an animal control officer as a pilot project.

"That could become a model for other projects," Johnson said. "Down the road we may look at sharing inspection services, some public works or snowplowing, and police services are another area I have long believed we could make a difference in."

The new Shared Services Committee will meet again Dec. 9 with both police chiefs to talk further about sharing an animal control officer.

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