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A California woman who said she was addicted to Beanie Babies has been sentenced to six months in jail for using stolen credit card numbers to buy $8,000 worth of them, the Monterey Herald reported Friday.

Along with the jail term, Judge Jonathan Price ordered Tamara Dee Maldonado, 25, to stay away from Beanie Babies for five years and gave police the right to make spot searches of her home to ensure she was clean.

"It was like a drug," Ms. Maldonado told deputy probation officer Douglas Rogers. "Once I started, I couldn't stop. It was like being addicted."

Ms. Maldonado said she developed her Beanie Baby habit while working at McDonald's, where she had to plop "free gifts" of the popular bean-bag toys into Happy Meal boxes all day long.

Intrigued, she ordered a few herself. Soon, she convinced her ex-husband to pass along discarded charge slips from the hotel where he worked, giving her access to credit card numbers which she used to buy rare and hard-to-find Beanie Babies, the Herald said.

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