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There's one type of orange juice we've overlooked -- your own freshly squeezed juice.

This is the least convenient way to drink orange juice, no doubt about it. You have to carry the oranges home, and they are heavy. You have to slice them, you have to squeeze them, you have to dispose of the rinds. And some home juicers require a lot of strength.

Another point: This is a natural product, so much depends on the season. The best time to buy oranges for juice is November through April, but even then the flavor of the juice changes with every batch.

Of course, there are those who think that just adds to the fun -- and this reporter happens to be one of them -- but disabuse yourself of the notion that drinking orange juice this way is cheap.

The average cost of home-squeezed juice depends on the season and the juiciness of the oranges you buy, of course. But figuring two oranges to a glass of juice, it runs from 40 cents up.
-- Janice Okun

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