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Congratulations to H. Carl McCall regarding his fourth critical audit of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, as reported in the Sept. 9 News.

The NFTA cannot give us a cheap, competitive airline to service our Buffalo airport and cannot bring millionaire Paul Snyder to terms regarding the old Westinghouse plant.

That same NFTA, however, is attempting to force the airport's taxicab fleet to modernize to 1994-or-newer models of Cadillacs, Lincoln Town Cars, Crown Victorias -- or go out of business.

It's very easy to play tough and target taxi owners, the little business guys.

I thought New York State authorities were supposed to help the working class. There appears to be a lack of accountability here. Gov. Pataki, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno should initiate and enforce some overdue changes. This is disgraceful.

The 1996 annual report of the Committee of Corporations, Authorities and Commissions of the Assembly states that "a package of reform bills was developed by the Assembly Majority Task Force on public authorities' oversight during the '94 legislative session, reintroduced in '95, and greatly expanded in the '96 session."

Unfortunately, nothing major has come of these reform measures.

John Henry Bunz Tonawanda

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