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Our son, Todd, recently underwent his second major surgery in five weeks at Children's Hospital. As we sat in the surgery waiting room four hours into the surgery, I was reassured by the knowledge that his life was in the hands of individuals who take professional pride in their work and care about their patients.

All of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiology staff and respiratory therapists have consistently demonstrated both professionalism and caring.

In this age of consolidation and capitation, it's sometimes easy to forget that "medical care" is about caring. When your child's life is at stake, you'll pay anything to make him better.

It scares me to think that, in the name of cost-reduction, we're putting the economic squeeze on hospitals and health-care professionals who are responsible for our lives. By "managing" health care, do we run the risk of draining the caring right out of it? When it comes to our health, is there really such a thing as routine health care?

Houston L. Crum Jr. Lockport

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