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The Frontier Unit's Margaret McCarthy Sectional will wind up today with Swiss Team games in the Bridge Centre, 2371 George Urban Blvd., Depew.

The center will hold its Winners Plus game at 7 p.m. next Sunday.
ABA Tuesday night -- North-south, Jannie Peterson and Garnett Wallace; Beulah and Pleasant Thomas; east-west, Vi and Wardell Lewis; Hattie Anderson and Charles Ryan.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Anne O'Connor and Jane Yates, 123; Janet Frisch and Betty Raum, 112; east-west, Pat Woods and Melvin Braun, 119; possible 216.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, Cajeta Ciola and Richard Czarnecki, 116; Joan and Lavern Lewis, 101; east-west, Maria and Bob Winkler, 116; Anna Wallens and Josephine Giordano, 88; possible 189.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Alice Lind and William Elgar, 113.63; Ken Morseon and Darroyl Burt, 111.38; east-west, Jeanette Michienzi and Selma LeVine, 112.5; Patricia Burns and Judith Fischer, 118.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, William Schlaerth and Joyce Fuerter, 108; Misha Tomic and Chester Fell, 96.5; east-west, Emily Gilbert and B. Ruth Hnath, 99.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- Larry Doherty and Dolores Warmuz, 76.93; Collette and Jim Sangster, 60.63; Sandra Silverstein and Hazel Turner, 59.63.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, Sharon Benz and Robert Olin, 135; Arthur Morth and Susan Bergman, 110; east-west, Warren O'Connell Jr. and Deborah Drury, 138; Anne Watkins and Betty Bronstein, 113.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Frances Kuhn and Liliana Jassy, 131; east-west, Elizabeth Ostolski and Patricia Burns, 129; Jack Miller and Larry Doherty, 108.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Robert Olin and Geraldine Krawitz, 200.5; Jeanne Gladysz and Lorraine Ciavatta, 168.5; east-west, Marie Holt and John Bielinski, 184.5; Donna Steffan and Shirley Lyth, 159.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- North-south, James Gullo and Philip Thomas, 93.43; Dolores Warmuz and Virginia Zwolinski, 90.07; east-west, Deborah Drury and Doreen Scott, 98.57; Jeanne Gladysz and Pinky Regan, 87.57.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Frank Giove and Ann Scalia, 39.5; Henry Chudy and Gene Giorgini, 37.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- North-south, Suraj Jain and Saleh Fetouh, 1,661; Ken Morseon and Darroyl Burt, 1,403; east-west, Patricia Rasmus and Catherine Bentzel, 1,379; William Finkelstein and Don Heisler, 1,352; Geraldine Mayfield and Janet Morgan, 1,233.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan and James E. Scott, 86; Irving Jacobs and Mary Dowd, 81.5; William and Peter B. Schneidau, 67.5; Bernice Baker and June Cohen, 66.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Margaret Klamp and Betty Fudeman, 72.5; Alice Lind and Trudy Manaher, 67.5; Eleanor Wright and Ann Edwards, 63.5; Brian and Lori Meyer, 56.5.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Harry Cheung and Elizabeth Clark, 134.5; east-west, Kevin Gervas and Deborah Drury, 134; possible 216.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Dorothy Kumrow and Alice Lind, 104; east-west, Warren O'Connell Jr. and James Reineck, 100; possible 168.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday -- North-south, Pat Cullinan and Martha Monicelli, 56; east-west, Mary Ann Carlozzi and Pat O'Brien, 64.

College Club Duplicate Wednesday morning -- Myra Menti and Mary O'Connor, 58.5; Clare Schultz and Mary Emily Wells, 55.5; possible 90.

Delaware Wednesday night -- North-south, Richard Czarnecki and George Cross, 111; east-west, Lance and Pam Pollock, 121; possible 189.

Delaware Wednesday night -- North-south, Ann and Mary O'Connor, 81; east-west, Lance Pollock and Churck Dienst, 79; possible, 140.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- North-south, Will Eagle and Merton Haynes tied with Dan Clark and Robert Winkler, 83.5; east-west, Florence and Ed Ott, 80.5; Jean Coy and Darroyl Burt, 64; possible 140.

Friday Dupliclub -- Mary and Dick Schad, 42.5; June Miles and Randy Wheeler, 33.5; possible 63.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Audrey Adams and Millie Harris, 134; Liz and Ed Harman, 99; east-west, Irene Seefeldt and Sandy Lechner, 112.5.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- Howell. Millie Harris and Adam Dzimian, 54; Dan and Elve Johnston, 46.5; Peg and Bill Rieker, 54.

Margaret McCarthy Friday evening -- North-south, Judy Graf and Catherine Bentzel, 135.5; east-west, Randolph J. Seidenberg Jr. and Jim L. Mathis, 132; Carolyn M. Siracuse and Philip S. Thomas, 113.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- North-south, Marge Kohl and Bev Dale 52.5; east-west, John Hummell and Chuck Cookson, 60; possible 100.

Supper Club Duplicate Saturday evening -- North-south, Daryl and George Melrose, 54; east-west, Gertrude Stevens and Laverne Jenkins, 58; possible 100.

Town of Tonawanda Seniors Center Monday -- Gene Wilke and Del Sawicki, 41; possible 63.

Town of Tonawanda Seniors Center Wednesday -- North-south, Pat and Mike Weber, 82; east-west, Frances and Emmett Wass, 81; possible 126.

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