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All My Children: Allie urged Jake to make love to her, but deliberately neglected to use her birth control device. With Liza about to throw her out, Allie confessed to forcing Jake into fathering her child, but Liza refused to buy into Allie's self-pity. Dimitri was immediately intrigued when he met Kit, and invited her to dinner. A handsome mystery man recognized Palmer, who denied his identity. When Jack tried cutting a deal with Tad and Dixie in return for information about Palmer, the stranger came to Palmer's rescue. Meanwhile, Opal had her own plans for Palmer. With additional leads, Tad set off in search of Palmer. Coming: Kit makes a move on Edmund.

Another World: Vicky's discovery prompted Marley to up the stakes in her vendetta against Donna. Cindy accidentally uncovered a big secret, but Kirkland became the victim of her and Grant's scheming. Gary was concerned about Josie and confided his feelings to Cameron. Sofia was furious to realize that Zak may have been manipulating her. Toni surprised Chris with her reaction to the Love Lady's advice. Josie became increasingly conflicted about the path her future would take, and the options she has. Coming: Cindy gets evidence from an unlikely source.

As the World Turns: David's demands left Jack and Holden stunned. As the crisis surrounding their families deepened, James and Lucinda offered support to each other. Emily's plan reached its shocking conclusion, punctuated by a huge fight between Margo and Tom that had lasting repercussions. The course of Camille's illness led her to develop new fears. Carly made further attempts to save her marriage, but they may have been in vain. Barbara was caught by surprise when she overheard John reveal his feelings. Coming: Emily is satisfied with the results of her plan.

Bold and Beautiful: Realizing that his plan to help Pierce get Taylor wasn't working, Bailey removed the post-hypnotic suggestion he had planted. Ridge was less then thrilled by Taylor's desire to have a dinner party with Pierce and Bailey, but reluctantly agreed. Uncomfortable with the whole evening, Pierce invited Brooke as his date, and she wound up flirting with Ridge. Mike came home to find Sheila desperate to see Mary, and her plans included shooting practice, with Stephanie as the target. Stephanie told Amber that she could live with her, though she doesn't approve of her behavior. Coming: Tension heightens between Taylor and Ridge.

Days of Our Lives: Greta remembered seeing Billie bury her baby in the bayou, but a panicked Billie convinced her not to tell Bo. Stefano continued to prey on Vivian as he came closer to persuading her to sign over the power of attorney. Sami was devastated when the judge charged her with murder and planned to seek the death penalty. Kate confessed to a horrified Lucas that she had framed Sami for Franco's murder, but warned him that if the truth came out, they could both be sent to prison. Coming: Nicole's peculiar behavior bothers Eric.

General Hospital: After Emily received a blackmail demand, Lucky and Nikolas offered to help her flush out the tormentor. Jax was arrested for racketeering. On Ned's behalf, Alexis bailed Jax out of jail and offered to represent him. Jax fled to Florida and finally let out his grief over Brenda's death. Jason and Robin moved out of the penthouse and into Brenda's cottage. Jerry admitted to Bobbie that he set the warehouse fire. Dara told Taggert that she still wants to have a relationship with him. Coming: Jax makes a decision about his future plans.

Guiding Light: Beth shared a fun evening with Matt, and it looked as though she wanted to bring their relationship to another level. Hart tried to protect Cassie from the nursery rhyme stalker but inadvertently caused danger to someone else. As Dinah's family showed their support for her, Vanessa wondered where Matt could be. Blake was furious after Ross made a big decision. Jesse finally was honest with Michelle. Holly was deeply affected by the crisis surrounding Dinah. Coming: Josh senses a rival for Reva.

One Life to Live: Barbara snuck into Cassie's hospital room and tried to sabotage her, then pretended to have come to Cassie's rescue. Nora caught Lindsay red handed as she tried to steal back Bo's tampered test results. R.J. confronted Dorian when the police brought her in for questioning. Dorian later tried to make a deal with Congressman Graham, which would hinge on Mel's being willing to help -- an unlikely scenario. Tea suggested divorce as a way for Todd to help his case. As Will and Roseanne argued about Cristian's painting, it got ripped in half. Coming: Nora acts deceptively out of love.

Port Charles: Scott and Lucy were presumed dead after the Florida authorities found two burned bodies. While their loved ones held a memorial service, Scott and Lucy found themselves trapped in a tunnel, then bedeviled by snakes. On Jasmine Island, Kevin, Victor and Eve re-created a deadly picnic from long ago, and Eve faced mortal danger when the truth was revealed. Kevin persuaded Eve to stay on the island for her own protection, but, trying to flee, Eve encountered Frank blocking her path. Coming: Eve and Julie have a fierce battle.

Sunset Beach: Francesca finally admitted to Cole that she's trying to recover the jewels that she and Phillip had stolen from the Madonna statue. Cole investigated the source of bizarre chanting that Francesca had been hearing, and received the shock of his life. Feeling that he has been experiencing too many coincidences in his life recently, Ben told Meg that he wants to meet her mysterious patient. On the night before his and Meg's wedding, Ben saw Maria appear out of the fog. Casey and Sara tricked Melinda into confessing her manipulations against them. Coming: Antonio is tormented over his desire for Gabi.

Young and Restless: Olivia informed Dru about Vicki and Neil's engagement. As Dru and Neil, now with signed divorce papers, shared a goodbye hug, Victor saw them embrace and misinterpreted it. When Vicki and Neil announced their engagement to her parents, Victor was tight-lipped, but privately told Neil that they need to talk. Malcolm walked in on a tense conversation between Callie and Trey, who was warning her not to sing. Tony was ready to walk out on Grace when he was led to believe that she had been buying lingerie for their honeymoon. Tony then persuaded Grace to marry him in two weeks. Jack made an offer to Brad that they team up to take over Newman Enterprises. Coming: Diane is worried about where Michael could be.