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Concerning the commentary by Jerry Sullivan titled "Patience is a commodity UB football can't afford," I couldn't believe what I read. It's attitudes like Sullivan's in this "one-paper" town that continue to dampen the growth and fade the spark in a community.

Was Mr. Sullivan's viewpoint on Craig Cirbus and the Bulls supposed to: (a) increase attendance at the Bulls games, (b) knock a senior athletes' career at UB, or (c) teach the coaching staff that patience is unacceptable at the college level?

Craig Cirbus does not buckle under pressure and will continue to have patience. He and his staff are well aware of the demands of the MAC and tremendous responsibility facing a change to I-A. His letters to the families of these fine athletes are very much appreciated by the families receiving them. None of this is Sullivan's business.

It takes chemistry, perseverance and supportive fans, which Buffalo has the best, to assist our growing Bulls team to success. Jerry Sullivan asked, "Why should people be juiced up about the jump to I-A." If he has to ask that question then he doesn't have a clue about football.

I will be one of the 17,000 fans at each home game and will continue to support our hometown Bulls team as they move into I-A.

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