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I would like to respond to the letter opposing segregated schools for children with disabilities. I also reside in the Williamsville School District. The writer's intentions are admirable but, like many others, she puts all special children into one group and, in some instances, this is extremely cruel. Following in her line of thought, exceptions were never made when my grandson, who had muscular dystrophy, was taken from School 84 and made to attend a regular high school. School 84 is a special school for those who have severe limitations. The school is equipped to handle their infirmities with trained personnel and special resources.

For my grandson, having to adapt to a mainstream high school was sheer cruelty. He was the only child in a wheelchair and was unable to participate in any of the sports. School 84 afforded him the opportunity to have sports activities with other wheelchair students. Being educated with mainstream students, he was the only pupil who had to have an aide with him at all times so that he could move into classrooms and manipulate his lunch tray. As a very sensitive teen-ager, he suffered more than words can describe.

Special schools are greatly needed by those children with degenerative diseases, and although it was never a choice given to my grandson, I hope that others can be saved from his experiences. Those who are involved with making decisions for the special-education buildings should give the ultimate attention to meeting the needs of all children and the dire need for segregation for those with deteriorating disabilities.


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