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A handwriting analyst used by the FBI to help crack the Unabomber case believes Patsy Ramsey wrote the ransom note left by the killer or killers of her daughter, JonBenet, ABC News will report Sunday night.

The network said in a news release Friday that its "2 0/2 0" show Sunday quotes sources in law enforcement agencies as saying Donald Foster of Vassar College bases his analysis on the punctuation and indention styles used in the note.

Also in the segment, former Boulder police Detective Steve Thomas speaks publicly for the first time since releasing a scathing resignation letter in August in which he accused Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter of bungling the case.

The law enforcement sources, who were not further identified, told ABC that Foster examined not handwriting, but text of the note, noting commonly used words and punctuation, specifically the exclamation point.

In the segment, ABC says a 1995 Christmas letter and a 1978 photo with a two-line caption, both written by Mrs. Ramsey, included repeated use of the exclamation point, as the ransom note does.

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