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I have read Kenneth Starr's report as well as President Clinton's rebuttal and continue to be appalled and outraged by the conduct of the president and his agents. Only liars and fools would consider sodomy as not constituting sexual relations. This being so, the rest of the president's actions (perjury, obstruction, witness tampering, abuse of power) seem to be crimes deserving impeachment and criminal trial.

No man is above the law. By violating his oath of office, Clinton has harmed our nation. We cannot let this transgression have no consequences. Callow and self-serving apologies are not enough to assuage the pain and shame he has caused his family, friends and the nation.

The media and the Democratic Party have sought to minimize the importance of these crimes, but I suspect that Americans are watching how their elected officials respond to their constitutional duties.

Since the beginning of the Republic, congressmen have been asked to make difficult decisions based on their own judgment of what is right and best for our country. Now is the time to review the evidence and do the right thing for the country. The last time we faced this dilemma, the Republicans were up to the challenge. Are the Democrats up to the task now? The last time, the process worked and the nation was better for it. We will survive the loss of Bill Clinton. But we may not survive if he stays.

Michael P. Piatko
West Seneca

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