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The Town Board Tuesday voted unanimously to form a committee of residents and town representatives to make sure the proposed changes in the layout of the Redland Quarry on Tuscarora Road does not adversely affect residents.

During an informal meeting and public hearing on the matter, all the residents who spoke said they were against the changes because of problems they currently have with blasting there.

Margaret A. Guiliani of Kline Road said that she was upset about where the people representing the quarry want to move their operations. "I've called the Town Hall multiple times. . . . I've had things fall off my walls."

She added, "We have to have some guarantees from this community that we have to have some recourse if there's some damage." Mrs. Guiliani said that she has called company representatives and has gotten some action, but was still concerned that her house still moves when the dynamite blasting occurs.

Representatives of the quarry, a subsidiary of the LaFarge Corp. of Paris, France, were present to tell residents face-to-face just what would happen if and when the company is allowed to shift mining operations from the northeastern section of the pit to the middle section and westward.

The site of the quarry measures 117 acres, and 62 acres of that is in the proposed excavation area. David A. Baker, safety/environmental coordinator for the company, said that if the Town Board votes to allow the company to shift operations, workers can continue to mine the dolomite.

The substance is used for roads and concrete, among other things. If the company is not allowed to move the operations, the quarry would shut down mining operations in five to seven years, said Harry D. McCormick, quarry superintendent.

Casey J. Zygmont, former Town Board member and town justice, said he would head the committee, which includes five residents, the town engineer, a Town Board member, the chairman of the Planning Board, a representative of the stone quarry and the chairman of the Environmental Commission.

The committee would have no voting rights and would only be a recommending body.

About 40 were present at the meeting, held in the Town Hall. In another matter, the Town Board voted 5-0 to table until further notice a request from Allan R. Wiegley to build the Tuscarora Village Mobile Home Park off of Tuscarora Road. After a public hearing concerning permission for a special use permit for the park, board members said they wanted to get more questions answered before they approve anything.

The question came up of whether the homes would be trailers, since they would be prefabricated homes placed on concrete pads, or if the development would be called a subdivision. Side yard setbacks could be different depending on the answer.

Tuscarora Village would cover 34 acres on Tuscarora Road between Wildwood Acres and the Conrail tracks.

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