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Beanie Babies are so cute,
And Quakers wear a big black suit.
Derby runs so so fast,
I never know if this will last.
Patty loves to eat and play
But she never ate any hay.
Manny is so big and gray
She was born in the middle of May.
Baldy soars in the sky,
Everyone knows he loves to fly.
Maple is a Canadian bear,
She always goes to the fair.
Peace makes peace throughout the land
And she bought a marching band.
I wish I didn't buy them all
I bought them all in June and fall.
I don't know what to do, oh NO!
I am sinking very low.
Under all my BEANIES!!
-- Jackie Boyczuk

One day I woke up and I was one inch tall.
I could not get out of bed.
I had to go to the bathroom and climb up the toilet paper, but I fell in the toilet.
It did not taste so good. I finally got out.
I put some clothes on, which you are probably guessing what I wear.
I wear felt string and sometimes I wear baby Barbie clothes.
They do not fit very well. They are two inches bigger than me.
I wanted to go outside, but I could not reach the door knob.
So, I climbed out the window. It was fun.
I tried to go on the swing so I climbed up the rope of the swing.
The wind started to blow and I started to swing.
I swung so hard I fell off and fell in the mud.
I was all dirty and brown.
-- Mikaela Maddock


You & I together;
fly this special kite.
In this kool; fall weather.
We'd ride the merry go round
& spin round and round.
In such an empty playground.
Hold the string,
You & I watch it
fly higher & higher together.
Such kool fall weather.
Just you & I
Fly this kite;
forever and ever.
-- Mark A. Glinski


gliding under the eagle's wings,
sifting through the horse's mane
rustling, swirling the fallen leaves.
Dying down until next time
-- Kimberly Sova, 11


Fruit of fruits, you reign supreme
Watermelon, food of life, food of love
God's nectar, your juice coats my lips.

Your succulent taste mingles on my tongue.
The scent of lilac graces the air
and signs of summer appear.
Pink goddess, you hold my heart
and the summer dreams you bring.
-- Victoria Chatfield, 12

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