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Monica S. Lewinsky's friend Linda Tripp persuaded the former White House intern not to clean a dress containing a semen stain from President Clinton, saying "it could be evidence some day," according to documents released today.

At her second appearance before the grand jury investigating her relationship with Clinton, Ms. Lewinsky testified Aug. 20 that she had been ready to clean the navy blue dress last fall because she intended to wear it but that Ms. Tripp talked her out of it after learning of the stain.

"And she told me that I should put it in a safe deposit box because it could be evidence one day," Ms. Lewinsky told the grand jury.

"And I said that was ludicrous because I would never -- I would never disclose that I had a relationship with the president, I would never need it.

"And then when Thanksgiving time came around and I told her that I was going to wear it for Thanksgiving, she told me I looked fat in the dress, I shouldn't wear it. She brought me a jacket from her closet as to try to persuade me not to wear the dress."

The FBI concluded Aug. 17, the day of Clinton's testimony before the grand jury, that the stain on the dress contained Clinton's DNA, giving only one chance in 7.87 trillion it was not.

Ms. Lewinsky told the grand jury she had not realized the stain was on the dress "until I went to go wear it again and I had gained too much weight that I couldn't fit into it."

Ms. Tripp ignited the investigation of Clinton's relationship with Ms. Lewinsky by taping hours of conversations with her friend about the affair.

The documents released today by the House Judiciary Committee showed signs that at least seven of Ms. Tripp's tapes had been duplicated.

Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr said his office is investigating whether Ms. Tripp lied about duplicating the tapes and whether any tampering was involved.

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