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Trading his death mask for oversized glam-rock sunglasses, Marilyn Manson has gone Hollywood -- in spirit and for real.

The outrageous rock star moved to Tinseltown's famed Laurel Canyon, home to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison when they were outrageous rock stars.

"This whole past year, my house has become a real Hollywood Babylon, Studio 54 type of place," Manson says in the Sept. 17 issue of Rolling Stone, adding that he likes to invite semi-forgotten former stars over for karaoke performances.

"So at any given moment, you may have found Leif Garrett or Corey Feldman singing the theme from 'Grease,' " Manson says.

Manson continues to shock mainstream America. The "Mechanical Animals" original cover art depicts Manson as a nude, androgynous mannequin. Kmart and Wal-Mart refused to stock CDs with that artwork, so Interscope Records promised a tamer version for them.

"If you're going to pretend to be something," Manson explains, "then you have to at least live up to what it is."

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