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All My Children: Lee kidnapped Junior and left a shocking note, which Adam found. As Tad unearthed evidence linking Junior to the carnival, Hayley befriended Lee, offering herself to him in exchange for the child. Adam learned from David that Liza is pregnant, and tossed Allie out of the cabin when she turned up with the baby on her mind. As the jury deliberated, Brooke overheard a conversation between Janet and Amanda that prompted an important decision. Palmer told Opal the truth about the paintings, but she wasn't sure what to do, now that she knows he's an art thief. A trapped Marian thought she was hallucinating when she heard Stuart's voice. Coming: Hayley gets violent for a reason.

Another World: Scott set off an explosion in Boca Lynda, endangering Amanda and Gary. News about Gary triggered Cindy's memory. The ordeal also had a surprising effect on Josie and Cameron's behavior. Following an admission from Marley, Donna gave her daughter an ultimatum. Chris shared the results of his investigation of Remy with Nick. Lila and Matt grew closer, just as she learned the truth about the Corys' financial situation. Zak was surprised by Sofia's passion, and wanted to know more about her. Coming: Amanda feels betrayed.

As the World Turns: Emily's arranged airing of the news report about Margo and Eddie backfired when Tom publicly declared his love to Margo. Never one to give up, Emily persuaded Tom to audition for a new job. Questions were raised over Sam and Kirk's disappearance, which led to Georgia receiving comfort from Eddie. Carly and Julia were taken hostage at the Snyder farm, and had to overcome their enmity to try to free themselves. Holden found evidence that Lucinda was the one who put James on Lily's trail. Coming: An unexpected clue from Molly.

Bold and Beautiful: Pierce went along with Taylor's request and hypnotized her, prompting her to act as though she were a teen-ager. Later, Taylor's silly clothes and behavior caught Ridge by surprise. Although horrified that she may have had unprotected sex with Raymond, Amber insisted that the baby is Rick's and kept her secret. Sheila realized the strong resemblance between her and her cellmate, Cybil, who was being released. Sheila cut a deal with Cybil to take her place in return for a lot of cash. Macy and Thorne decided to play along with Grant's wish. Coming: Mike helps Sheila in her latest revenge plot.

Days of Our Lives: Taylor curtly informed Nicole that she's not leaving her job, and too bad if Nicole doesn't like it. The sisters were unaware that Jay intended to use Nicole's money to help free a mystery man from jail. Following another fight with Sami over Will, Lucas planned to take the child out of the country. However, Lucas celebrated prematurely in Kate's office, where he had too much to drink, then offered to give Taylor a ride home. Sami confronted Candy, the stripper Franco's been trysting with. The swamp girl saved an injured Bo from a fire. Coming: Concern mounts for Vivian's safety.

General Hospital: Rinaldo was killed by the explosion at Luke's, but Robin and Jason survived. Jason believed that Moreno was responsible and stormed off to confront his rival. Taggert removed the tape of Justus' confession of murder from Monica's purse after he refused her bribe. Liz and Lucky were determined to have the rape case reopened. Laura denied Alexis' insinuations that she's interested in Stefan. Brenda was furious with her mother after learning that Luther missed his performance because Veronica seduced him. Coming: Justus gets into bigger trouble.

Guiding Light: A stranger got hold of the tape of Blake and Ben, which Ross had mistakenly returned to the video store. Having lost his claim on Kevin, since he's not the baby's biological father, Rick wasn't ready to start a family with Abby. Frank lashed out at Teri for interfering with his personal life. As Josh and Reva enjoyed a much-needed vacation getaway, they were unaware of someone watching them. Cassie was concerned about the extent of Hart's attachment to Dinah and the baby. Coming: Blake needs help in coping with reality.

One Life to Live: When Cassie walked in on Kevin and Tea together, he tried to explain the reason for the assignation, leading Cassie to blurt out her feelings about him. Kevin and Tea's plan didn't have the hoped for effect on Todd. However, when Todd learned that there's a videotape of the staged encounter, he feared that his scheme would be uncovered. Cris revealed that he had faked his "drowning," but Roseanne's overreaction led her to reveal details of her mother's death. Later, at the lodge, Cris and Roseanne couldn't resist their mutual attraction. Coming: Bo and Nora get an important test result.

Port Charles: Susanne informed Frank and Lark that Lark did not have her buy the voice activator. Frank realized that one of Greg Cooper's visitors has been impersonating Lark, and that person resembled Eve. Courtney stole a note that Karen had left at the nurses' desk, prompting a quarrel between Mary and Karen, much to Courtney's glee. Lucy overheard Eve and Chris admit that their alibi is phony. When Scott refused to hear her out, Lucy told Lee, who angrily informed Scott that he will clear Julie by testifying against Eve. Coming: Courtney stumbles upon Frank's secret.

Sunset Beach: Gregory floored Annie by admitting that he married her for her stock. Annie threatened to kill herself until Gregory promised to return the stock, but when he found out that she was faking, the deal was off! Tyus injected Michael with the cure, which appeared to be effective. Hearing that Michael had proposed to Vanessa, Virginia planned to use the compromising photos she took of Vanessa and Tyus to split them up. Tim realized that Maria could be useful in his plan to get between Meg and Ben. Coming: Cole figures heavily in A.J.'s plans.

Young and Restless: Vicki was happy to accept Neil's proposal. Neil wondered why Dru planned to visit, but looked forward to seeing his daughter. Jack complimented Grace on her job performance and suggested that she go along on Nick's business trip, unaware he was fulfilling Grace's secret fantasy. Victor was in a rage after seeing his personal life exposed on the Leanna Love Show. Jack complimented Michael on the interview, then aroused Victor's suspicions when he agreed that the show was one-sided and dishonest. Victor was unaware that Jack had convinced Brad to return to Genoa City, and was holding confidential meetings with him. Coming: Jill can't wait to get even.