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As I read the ridiculous letter last week that you decided to print regarding the statement by Henry Jones about Dan Brandenburg, "that guy can run for a white guy", I was first very amused yet equally irritated by his banter about how blacks always cry racism, and blow every incident out of proportion.

First of all, Jason Sehorn, a white cornerback for the Giants recently stated he was fast for a white guy, so Henry Jones is not the only person who makes statements like that. Second of all, in many incidents blacks have every reason to "cry" racism. We need only to look at our own beloved Buffalo Bills as evidence.

Last year Bruce Smith demanded an $8 million signing bonus and everybody in Buffalo went bonkers and called him greedy, with John Butler and Ralph Wilson saying a small-market team like ours can in no way give him an $8 million bonus. So he agreed to a $6 million bonus. Low and behold, less than a year later Rob Johnson came around and got that $8 million bonus with one NFL start under his belt, and not one person cried about it. Yet they went berserk and called Bruce greedy even though he is on his way to the Hall of Fame and is the best defensive player to ever wear a Bills uniform. Am I missing something here?

Cornelius Bennett got lowballed by John Butler and went to Atlanta, all the while getting vilified by fans and media for being greedy. Later Bryce Paup got the millions that Biscuit wanted -- all for a one-dimensional sack artist as opposed to a player of Biscuit's caliber who could rush the quarterback, cover a back out of the backfield or play inside. Three years later, Paup took off for more money in Jacksonville. He was just as greedy as any other player, yet he was not vilified by the media or fans.

Rewind a few years to the Andre Reed fiasco when he was hurt. Fans were calling for his head. The next year Steve Tasker got hurt, and the fans' response? "Poor, poor Steve." I won't even get into the Scott Norwood-Ronnie Harmon debate.

Yes, we African-Americans always scream racism, don't we? I am not upset with the letter writer, yet I am disappointed in the editor who would print this letter since letters like this only breed racism.

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