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Duplicate Scores
ABA Bridge Club -- North-south, Pleasant and Beulah Thomas, 90; Dr. Ryland and Juanita Melford, 89; east-west, Cleveland Fleming and Lola Bishop, 94; Wardell and Viola Lewis, 90; possible 140.

B&P Shannon Pub Monday morning -- Howell. Sally Houseman and Mary Pat Cerrone, Jane Brown and Keirns Brown, 69; Margaret Schomers and Jane Yates, 65.5, Robert Noe Sr. and Donald Vincent, 46.5; possible 108.

B&P Shannon Pub Friday morning -- North-south, Judy Graf and George Bills, 125.5, Janet Frisch and Marilyn Brunner, 110.5; east-west, Maria Winkler and Bob Winkler, 132, Lee Gordon and Will Sanscraninte; possible 216.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Selma LeVine and Jeanette Michienzi, 120.5; Anne Watkins and Betty Bronstein, 118.5; east-west, Lori Meyer and Eric Wolff, 128.5.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Arthur Morth and Susan Bergman, 106.5; Chester Fell and William Schneidau, 105.5; Misha Tomic and Darroyl Burt, 97; east-west, Erie Wolff and Jerry Geiger, 108; Anne Bartels and B. Ruth Hnath; 89.5; Paul Piciulo and Terry Fraas, 85.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, Lorraine Ciavatta and Curtis Hallis 128.02; east-west, Collette and Jim Sangster, 146.14.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, John R. Kilmer and Saleh Fetouh, 127.5; John Ziemer and Warren O'Connell Jr., 109; east-west, Harry Cheung and Paul Libby, 149; Robert Feasley and Mary Jo Crone, 119.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Trudy Manaher and Doreen Scott, 124; Pol Akman and James Scott, 118; east-west, Joan Rose and Margaret Klamp, 129.5; Lettie Vona and Dorothy Brenner, 115.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Jim Mathis and Randolph Seidenberg Jr., 215; Jeanne Gladysz and Lorraine Ciavatta, 163.5; east-west, Joseph Branconi and Deborah Drury, 199; Phyllis Post and Jerry Geiger, 172; Bruce Bronstein and Chester Fell, 137.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Betty Bronstein and Helen Mandell, 73.5; Alfred Haber and Jeanette Michienzi, 73; Pol Akman and Gil Krawitz, 71; Betty Dorio and Curtis Hallis, 64.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- North-south, Carol McMahon and Pat Zieja, 46.5; east-west, Don Heskins and B. Ruth Hnath, 46.5; Carol and Henry Chudy Jr. 43.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- North-south, Misha Tomic and James Hoover, 113; east-west, Ken Morseon and Darroyl Burt, 111.38.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- North-south, William Bascom and Harold Meyers, 124.31; Faith Perry and Larry Doherty, 95.63; east-west, Renzo Renzoni and Philip Thomas, 113.5; Misha Tomic and Chester Fell, 95.5.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Selma LeVine and Julie Fisher, 30.75; Trudy Manaher and Audrey Phillips, 28.25.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Betty Fudeman and Margaret Klamp, 129.5; east-west, Kevin Gervase and Warren O'Connell Jr., 127.5; possible 216.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Jim Mathis and Gerry Fried, 109.5; east-west, Kevin Gervase and Warren O'Connell, 104, possible 168.

College Club Wednesday morning -- North-south, Harriet Warzel and LaVerne Jenkins, 73; east-west, Gertrude Stevens and Beulah Thomas, 83; possible 123.

East Aurora Wednesday morning -- Robert Winkler and Dan Clark, 83.5; Rhoda and Will Eagle, 79.5; possible 135.

Friday Dupliclub -- North-south, Kay Renshaw and LaVerne Jenkins, 60; possible 112; east-west, Rita Cody and Helen Marcussen, 52; possible 96.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- Barbara and Paul Libby, 84; Sharon Benz and Don Heisler, 83; William Elgar and Bonnie Bryar, 80.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- North-south, Rhoda and Will Eagle, 96.5; east-west, Betty Dietrich and Helen Gaylor, 105.5; possible 168.

TOTs Center Wednesday -- North-south, Mel Ferris and Al Deemer, 144; east-west, Eileen Bisantz and Frank Max, Sr., 129; possible 216.

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