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Lately it seems that Buffalo is really trying to clamp down on absentee landlords and the deteriorating conditions they bring to a neighborhood, and this is good.

But perhaps the city should clean up its own real estate. Memorial Auditorium has been allowed to become an eyesore.

The grass is never cut and there are bird droppings all over the sidewalks, which are never washed down. Papers and trash are scattered across the area. The Main Street entrance is littered with large pieces of cardboard and liquor bottles. I imagine it acts as sleeping quarters for those so inclined. But the very worst is the garbage dumpster and the piles of garbage that have spilled over and around it at the rear of the building. It is now a haven for rats and other vermin.

Just because the building is empty is no reason to let it run down and become another eyesore for our city.

Carol A. Benz West Seneca

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